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Full Launch of "VR Theater"!

— Experience a 360-Degree Spectacle of "Attack on Titan Exhibition"
and "Ghost in the Shell" at the World's First Multiplex Internet Café
Offering a Virtual Reality Service

VR Theater, the world's first virtual reality movie theater in a multiplex Internet café, opened on April 7 at 31 stores in the Kanto area of Japan. The full-fledged service of viewing VR content with a head-mounted display (HMD) is provided by and InterPia with the cooperation of the Japan Complex Café Association (JCCA).

VR Theater opened with a limited time offer of the 360-degree VR version of "Attack on Titan Exhibition," the much talked-about special edition that was available only at specific showings held around the country since 2014. It will be followed by the special theater edition of "Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver" to be shown from May.

VR Theater is brought to the public by InterPia, which provides a system for content billing, in-store payment processing, and VR viewing log management, together with eje inc. which operates the VR portal app called "VR Cruise." It features the world's first billing service for VR viewing that allows customers to pay cash onsite.

Collaborating with the content production is Dentsu's Digital Business Division. Hikaru Adachi of Dentsu's Digital Business stresses, "The only way to understand the potential and amazing value of VR is to experience it. This project offers the best environment in which to enjoy that experience." Shinjiro Yokoyama of Dentsu's Publishing Business Development Division adds, "We have already succeeded with monetization in the VR domain with 'Attack on Titan Exhibition,' and, starting with 'VR Cruise,' we hope to appropriately expand contact points and activate the market through the steady supply of VR content."

Full Launch of

©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha / "Attack on Titan Exhibition" Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

Full Launch of

©Shirow Masamune, Production I.G, Kodansha / "GHOST IN THE SHELL: THE MOVIE" Committee. All Rights Reserved.



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