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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility


  • SDG-related Activities
  • SBT Initiative
  • Respect for Human Rights

SDG Initiatives

Dentsu has defined priority areas, such as respect for human rights and the reduction of environmental impact, in a bid to help realize a sustainable society.
To this end, it has promoted various initiatives, such as the introduction of renewable energy, support for diversity, and the promotion of decent work.
In the belief that the SDGs concern the entire Group, we are pushing a number of activities, including the Common Ground initiative, in collaboration with five top global advertising groups. We are also working with NGOs to eradicate malaria and tuberculosis.
At the same time, the Dentsu Team SDGs project members—who promote the SDGs from a business perspective—are conducting activities in the areas of SDG communication-related consulting and business co-creation. These pursuits are based on the Dentsu Group’s distinctive concepts of co-creation and connecting.

SDG-related Activities

Dentsu Team SDGs

Supporting SDG Promotion

Common Ground

SDGs Initiative by Leading Global Advertising Groups

Global Compact Network Japan

Participation in Worldwide Initiatives

SDGs Slogan Solicitation

Awareness Activities

SDGs Award

SDG-related Activities; Sharing, Collecting Knowledge

Eco-First Company Initiatives

Leader in Environmental Communications

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Dentsu CSR

Through the support of many stakeholders, Dentsu undertakes a wide range of activities to work toward the goal of a sustainable society.

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