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An Overview of Our Progress and Achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility

Cooperation with the Government

Promotion of the 'Smart Life Project'

Under the slogan 'healthy life expectancy,' the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is promoting the Smart Life Project, a national campaign aiming to ensure that people can maintain energetic, healthy, and enjoyable lives. Dentsu is responsible for the implementation and operation as the project's secretariat, and promotes healthy living by providing information to some 2,500 participating companies and organizations and handling publicity for the Healthy Life Expectancy Awards, which commend pioneering efforts in the area of healthy living. Celebrities from various fields are appointed as "Iki-iki Health Ambassadors" aiming to further improve and promote awareness on project themes such as exercise, diet, not smoking, and receiving physical check-ups and medical examinations. Through this project the ambassadors and a support team participate in various events nationwide, including giving presentations.


Involvement in the Food Action Nippon Campaign

Since October 2008, Dentsu has been responsible for the strategic administration (secretariat) of the Food Action Nippon campaign, a national campaign aimed at boosting Japan's food self-sufficiency rate.

We developed activities in collaboration with numerous food and beverage companies, distribution-related companies and organizations, as well as various groups such as local roadside stations.

Additionally, against the backdrop of an aging society, we promoted a collaborative project in the fields of medical care-welfare-food-agriculture, themed on nursing care foods and health foods, which are attracting increasing interest. We held symposiums across Japan to introduce best practices by companies and organizations using domestic food products in the healthcare and nursing sectors.

The Dentsu Group will continue to engage in a variety of specific projects to improve the value of domestic food products in a diverse market and encourage increased consumption for the improvement of Japan's food self-sufficiency rate.



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