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Supporting UNESCO's World Terakoya Movement Kakisonji-hagaki (unused postcards) Project

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statics, some 121 million children (between the ages of 6 and 14, of whom about 59 million are in primary education) across the world are unable to attend school because of poverty, conflict, or for a variety of other reasons.
Since these children grow up without a chance to receive an education, currently there are around 773 million people who are unable to read or write (one in six individuals in the world who are over the age of 15).

Poster depicting a drawer legacy as a playing card

The National Federation of UNESCO Associations of Japan (NFUAJ) is currently active in four developing Asian countries: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Myanmar.
Since 1989, NFUAJ has been engaged in the Terakoya Movement, which provides equal opportunities for all people to learn—regardless of age, gender, or religion—as a basic human right.
So far, it has built 535 Terakoya schools (in 44 countries and one region; Terakoya school is called “Community Learning Center” overseas) to provide educational opportunities for 1.34 million people.

Those taking part in the Kakisonji-hagaki Campaign collect unused postcards, stamps, pre-paid cards, and other items that are used to fund Terakoya activities. Related activities are stepped up between May and December each year.

Dentsu Inc. developed the Tansu Isan Sankyodai characters (representing three “legacies," put away and forgotten in household drawers). The characters comprise the fraternal characters Kakisonjiro (unused postcards), Harisonjiro (unused stamps), and Tsukaisonjiro (unused prepaid cards). The aim is to use the field of communication to support the Terakoya Movement campaign.
The Dentsu Japan Network also participates in the unused postcard campaign, calling on the employees in the Network companies to collect unused postcards and support the movement.

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